Sports Photos

Calisthenics and Dance 

Our aim is to provide high quality calisthenics and dance photos with minimum fuss and at reasonable prices.  
With our extra-wide background equipment we are able to provide a backdrop that continues seamlessly onto the floor which we think looks much nicer than having a different floor.  And it allows us to photograph large groups without having arms/skirts cut off at the edges.  Our selection of smaller backdrops gives your class/club a choice for your individual portraits.
Many of the schools that we photograph choose to hold a special photo day (often on a normal rehearsal day).  This gives the school much more time to work through nice group poses, and results in much more relaxed, happy smiles from students.




 Calisthenics Photo

Auskick Photos




Auskick and Junior Football

Our Auskick and Junior Football booklets have proven to be very popular with parents and clubs.  Individually designed, the 8 page booklets are 8" x 8" (20cmx20cm) and are finished in a gloss varnish.

How does it work:

We attend on of your training sessions and take individual photoos of each player in a variety of football related poses - marking, kicking, handballing etc.  We then assemble all players and coaching staff for a team photo.
We then design one of these booklets for each child which we can either

  • personalise for your club using your club colours and jumper design; or
  • we can collect information from each player about his/her favourite team and design it around those details. 
We will have the booklets printed and will return them to your club for distribution.